‘Fairy Houses’ At The ‘Fairy Land Festival’, 2015, Wolfeboro, NH, Saturday, July 11.

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by Anura Guruge

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Wolfeboro ‘Fairy Land Festival’.
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‘Fairy Land Festival’, in Wolfeboro, 2013.
Wolfeboro, NH, ‘Fairy Land Festival’ 2012.

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7-years old and he built this delightful house. He was so happy and proud. Came rushing over to tell us that this was his house. I asked him to sit and that I would take a picture together. You can see that he was not displeased.

This is such a heartwarming, ‘feel good’ event and yesterday was the perfect weather. That there were ‘baby’ ducks scampering around just added to the charm. We had a lot going on Friday and Saturday — with Devanee and I spending nearly 10 hours with the “Blood, Sweat & Tears” concert on Friday. But I was determined to get to Wolfeboro, before the ‘show’ closed at 2pm, to savor the event. We managed to get there at 1:30pm (thanks to my intimate knowledge of the back roads of Wolfeboro).

It is enchanting. Cate Park is the perfect setting. It was good, good, good. Very creative and cut houses. Even at 2pm there was a LOT of people around. 

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One response to “‘Fairy Houses’ At The ‘Fairy Land Festival’, 2015, Wolfeboro, NH, Saturday, July 11.”

  1. janelleyjames says :

    ooooooh, Soooooo many darling projects, can’t decide which one is my favorite. All of them are just wonderful. I love the world of fairies.

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