“Acadian Nature Cruises”, Bar Harbor (Acadia), Maine — 2 Hours On Frenchman Bay, ‘Video’ & Pictures.

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by Anura Guruge

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YouTube video — 350 images set to music.
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Worth watching. Pictures, with my Canon T3i with the 55 – 250 mm zoom,
are of pretty good quality, even if I say so myself.

We like getting out on the water when we are at Acadia. Last June we did a 2 hour cruise last June with Bar Harbor Whale Watch Co.on their Bay King III” and that was a LOT of fun and very rewarding in that we saw a ton of ‘nature’. This year we wanted a repeat but decided to try a different outfit just to get a different angle.

We picked “Acadian Nature Cruises“, which operates out of the “Atlantic Oceanside” Hotel, on Eden Street (just down the road from where we were staying at the “Wonder View Inn“). For a start they have FREE, no-hassle parking. That was a BIGGIE. Parking for cruises that leave out of the main dock, like the “Bay King III” can be either expensive or difficult to find. We also liked their 10 am departure time. Just right for what we were looking for. It was NOT cheap. $96 for the 4 of us. But it was worth it. Slower cruise, compared to the ‘Cat’. They had a female captain. That was neat. The naturist, Carl, was good BUT I wish he hadn’t eaten so many lobster over the years. 

Definitely recommend the cruise. You don’t cover as many miles as you do with the “Bay King III” but what you do cover is done with aplomb.

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