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Nude (Nudist) Beach In New Hampshire As Well As Topless Beaches.

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by Anura Guruge

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Google Map of its location. Rather central. Right off NH Route 125. You can’t miss it EVEN IF there is nobody standing outside. Click to ENLARGE.

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nhcedersignGiven that I have ‘topless‘ posts and even ‘topless in NH‘ posts, not to mention the recent posts about ‘Free the Nipple in New Hampshire‘, I do get ‘hits’ here of people looking for nude or nudist beaches in New Hampshire.

Today I felt compelled to address this, once and for all.

Yes, New Hampshire does have a bona fide nudist beach– Cedar Waters Village, 24 Smoke Street, Nottingham, NH 03290. Tel: 603-679-2036.

I have never been but I have driven past the sign on many an occasion.

So that is at least ONE genuine nudist park, with a lake and beach, in New Hampshire.


As to Topless Beaches …

There is no female topless laws in New Hampshire per se, though there is a rather broad one covering lewdness (which could be used to cover ‘topless’) and then there is always the catch-all ‘disturbing the peace‘. Plus individual towns, Laconia for example, can have specific topless ordinances — and Laconia does have one having to do with Bike Week. Kind of sad. I have lived here long enough to remember when there was quite a bit of female toplessness at Weirs during Bike Week.

Having lived waterfront in New Hampshire for 17 years, 10 of it on Lake Winnipesaukee, I can assure you that there is more toplessness and nudity around the NH lakes than you realize — albeit some on private beaches and ‘when the sun goes down’.

That there are no State laws against female toplessness does not mean that you will not get arrested on a beach if you happen to be topless and somebody complains. And the complaining part is key. Shame. As I have said many a times I grew up in Europe where most beaches are topless. 

So now you have the full story. Enjoy.

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IF Google Ever Did A Doodle For “National Orgasm Day” …

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by Anura Guruge

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Of course “Google” owns the Trademark, Copyright and whatever for everything and anything to do with Google. Just wanted to make sure that nobody got confused that maybe I owned “Google”. Alas I don’t even own Google stock — my loss.

P.S., In case you are still confused Google did NOT create this rather poor, and kind of unimaginative Google Doodle. That was my pitiful attempt to try and create a Google Doodle.

P.P.S., The ‘Google’ I used came from one that THEY created and have used multiple times.

Disney/Pixar “Inside Out” A Tad Too SAD To Be A Good Kids Movie?

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by Anura Guruge

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Went to see this, with the kids (9 & 14), yesterday, in Concord, N.H. When we saw “Jurassic World” on Father’s Day both Teischan (9) and Deanna said they wanted to see “Inside Out“.

It is indeed, in every sense of the word, a very cerebral movie! A movie for thinking kids? That could be an oxymoron. As one approaching 62, who has been fascinated by the workings of the brain for over 40 years, I quite liked this movie. But I am NOT a kid. And that is the crux of the issue.

It is a movie that tries to explain how your emotions work and interact. It is very clever. Some of the cleverness, as is so often the case with kid’s movies, would be totally lost on the kids. E.g., they kept on repeating ‘deja vue’ in one scene. Very clever. Very profound. No way kids would get it let alone appreciate the beauty.

DEFINITELY NOT a movie for young kids. Teischan would not comment on it, though I asked her a number of times, until this morning. Then she, Deanna and Devanee (14) ALL said that it was a SAD movie. That is sad. I am a Disney shareholder (and owned Pixar shares when they first came out c. 1998).

This is a deep movie. It sets out to educate and in a way you can think of it as a dumbed down ‘Basics of Psychology‘ for kids. But kids who are taken to see it, who are expecting to see a ‘Frozen‘, are going to feel cheated and SAD. Not good. My honest advice is not to take young kids, i.e., under 13, to see this. They probably will not thank you.

As an adult, big into the brain, I KNOW that it was a worthwhile movie to make. Some of the metaphors and analogies were a bit flawed and they sometimes took a lot of poeinsideout_ff1tic license, as with the ‘train of thought’, but a lot of thought went into this movie.

It is probably best watched, for free, a few months later, on Amazon Prime — where you can opt to stop watching it without feeling guilty. 

They are trying to tie it in with ‘UP’. It is not UP. Up was poignant, funny much of the time and inspiring. ‘Inside Out’ not so much.

OK? Hope this helped.

“National Orgasm Day”, July 31, 2015 — My Favorite Posters.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to access the “Ann Summers” Website.

British “Ann Summers“, of sex shop fame, CAME UP with
National Orgasm Day” in 2001.

So they have to get pride of place.

It was like the ‘1960s‘ and the ‘Beatles‘ invented by US the British
— who else?

So this has to be next. British pride in another great and kind contribution to humankind.

This was from — click to access


From “Pinterest” — click for original.


This one from Etsy — click to access original.


This one, more generic, is from “” — click here to access.


Orgasms: 101 Facts & TriviaeBook will be available, readable on ANY PLATFORM, including Web browsers and Apple, from Amazon ALL DAY July 31, 2015 — National Orgasm Day.

“Alton Bay Barbershop Jamboree” Returns To Alton, N.H. Sat. August 15, 2015.

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by Anura Guruge

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See below for the Website cited.


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Click here to access the Website.

Tentative schedule: Friday, August 14 to 16, 2015.

Not sure there is anything more that I can add other than to wish them all, all the best.

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