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Jaguar Sets Out To Leverage The Fact That Only Exceptionally Smart People Own/Drive Jaguars.

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by Anura Guruge

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From the U.K. Daily Mail. Click here to access original.

The video on YouTube.


Click to access YouTube video.

What can I say other than that this makes so, so much sense. It is a no-brainer so to speak though, in reality, it is ALL about brains. Only smart people buy Jaguars. Check the demographics. Those without any sense buy German. I have talked about this so often. This is brilliant. Exploit the fact that you can rely on a Jaguar owner to be sensible and smart. Goes with the image. 

Kind of fits in with the theme of their current Ad.


Click to access YouTube video.

Pope Francis’ Climate Encyclical Is Trying To Second Guess God & Ignores The Second Coming!

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by Anura Guruge

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Two articles, one from Reuters and the other from Politico superimposed. See links below.

Click here to access the Reuters pope encyclical article.

Click here for the Bush article from Politico.


Click here to ENLARGE IF you are totally at sea as to the Second Coming (and PLEASE no jokes — this is v. serious).

popesecondsMy take on Pope Francis pontificating to us about Climate Change, as ever, is very simple and straightforward.

Is Pope Francis 100% sure that God is NOT aware of what is happening and that it is NOT within the parameters of HIS Master Plan?

Because lets NOT, please, forget the SECOND COMING.

Isn’t Global Warming going to be a bit irrelevant when the Second Coming comes?

 What does it matter about polar caps melting, oceans rising and major droughts? Isn’t that a VIABLE scenario for the End of Times?

Jeb Bush did not go far enough. This pope has got this very, very wrong.

He is trying to PLAY God and he is not God — thank God.

PLEASE, don’t let this misguided pope stand in the way of God’s will.

Fidelity Investments: HEADS UP — Old Positions Screen, As Of NOW, Might Not Be Up-To-Date!

As you must know Fidelity for the last 7 months (maybe longer) have been trying to get us to move to the “New Accounts & Trade” system. Many probably have. I, very much a creature of habit, have resisted. Yes, I have tried it and have given lots of feedback.

Last week, given that I have fairly frequent, always extremely pleasant, chats with Fidelity representatives over the phone, I heard that we would soon have no option. We would have to move to the new system.

Just ‘now’ I discovered a FATAL flaw in the old system and had it CONFIRMED by Fidelity. The old system STOPPED showing, on ‘Positions’, my latest transaction! Yes, given my uncontrollable addiction for option trading, I did some today. [When I called Fidelity the automated system always tells you how many orders you have executed that day. Told me that I had 10. TEN! I am embarrassed. I wrote 10 options this morning. That is bad. As addictions go it is not a bad addiction. I made money. So it is an addiction that costs nothing and in the long term is mainly benign in that, after decades, I finally am at the point where I will NOT write any ‘underwater’ options. But, me and my option trading addiction is a story for another post. But, I am smiling. SMILE.]

Anywho, I wrote an option. It was executed. It appeared in history. But NOT in the old positions. It does appear in the new.

That is scary. So basically as of around 1:15pm today you can NO LONGER trust what is on the old positions.

I had a lovely chat with another delightful Fidelity representative. He confirmed that what I was seeing and saying was true. He did not know.

So a heads up. Not the end of the world. Just use the NEW system.

My latest requests re. New system were three (3): a Fidelity based zoom options, option to be able to make the columns narrower and to be able to rearrange the order of the columns.

Hope this helps.

Stock Symbols Of Interest From This Morning’s CNBC Ticker.


No rhyme or reason. Just a few RANDOM stock symbols that caught my eye — either because of their gains for the day, their attractive stock price or JUST because the name looked interesting. Basically names that were unfamiliar to me. I plan to check them when I have time. 

As I often say I ‘listen’ (much more than watch) CNBC first thing in the morning from 8:20 to 9 am. Then I watch it, sporadically, while I am brushing my teeth etc. — before and after my run. I jot down symbols that catch my eye.

Occurred to me that I should just SHARE them with you. 99% I don’t have the money to do anything about such stock. Just study them and wish I had the money to trade. But some of you may benefit and that is good.

Summer Solstice 2015 In New Hampshire Will Be On Sunday, June 21, 2015 @ 12:39 pm Eastern (16:39 GMT) — Father’s Day Also.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE.

The Longest Day of the Year.

Also Father’s Day — 4th time since 1990 when they coincided.


Day & Night map, from “” for the exact time of June Solstice in New Hampshire on June 21, 2015.


Click to ENLARGE. From “” AGAIN. Showing hours of daylight in New Hampshire. See how quickly we start to lose daylight after the Solstice. Within 8 days we would have lost 2 minutes. By July 21, 2015 we are down to 14h 54 minutes. We have lost nearly half an hour. August 21 down to 13:42! This is why I HATE the Summer Solstice. I am a Winter Solstice REVELER like all good Sun Worshippers.

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