Halfmoon Lake, Alton, N.H.: Our First Real Sojourn Summer Of 2015.

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by Anura Guruge

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All pictures taken using “Teischan’s” $40 Nikon Coolpix S3600 .

This house we bought in 2007 comes with beach rights, albeit for a yearly price, to ‘Halfmoon Lake’. We can get to the Lake in about 3 minutes (or less) by ‘car’ and about 10 minutes if we walk (leisurely). That said, barring weather, how often we go tends to be a ‘movable feast’. There are times, especially July – Sept., when we try to go every evening, around 6 pm, for an hour or so — especially if I am in the swing of swimming every evening. This year we really hadn’t got down to the beach until yesterday evening. And it was Teischan’s doing. She insisted that we went. It was good. I didn’t even put a toe in the water. I KNOW it is going to be too cold for me — especially now that I don’t have an extra 30 pounds of fat. Since we got there past 7pm, per the bylaws, we were allowed to take the dogs. They love it. Maya, from day one, was a water rat. It too Braxton a year or so but now you can’t keep him away. It is good. 

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