Calling ALL Kindle Authors & Amazon Shareholders — Amazon Selling US SHORT!

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by Anura Guruge

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It happened again!

Somebody sent me an e-mail saying they can’t read (download)
a Kindle eBook BECAUSE they don’t have a DAMN Kindle.

and I repeat AGAIN,
need a damn blasted Kindle
to read Kindle eBooks.

You can read Kindle eBooks just about with anything
as long as you have a working Web Browser.

Kindle Cloud (Bloody) Reader.

That is all you need.


Amazon is doing us Kindle authors and Amazon shareholders (and yes, I am a shareholder) an IMMENSE disservice BY not publicizing that Kindle eBooks are NO dependent on Kindle devices.

Yes, we all know that Amazon would like to sell more Kindle devices.

Well I would like to sell some more books.

Kindle devices are not going anywhere. Amazon will do us ALL a huge favor if they scrap the damn Kindle devices and just keep the books.

Amazon has a HUGE advertising budget. They should use it to PROMOTE the Kindle Cloud Reader.

Simple. I might actually attend the next AGM to stand up and say this.


GREAT ad. by This is what we need promoted.

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