‘Wyndham Philadelphia Historic District’ Fails 9 Year Old’s “Hotel Impossible” Test.

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by Anura Guruge

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Let Me 1st However Say

1. Nicest hotel staff, ever (and as you know I am no stranger to hotels (around the World).

2. I would give the hotel 3.5 out of 5 and will DEFINITELY stay there again.

3. Great location. Right next door to the Betsy Ross House and the U.S. Mint.

4. Room & public areas bright, white and airy. Very welcoming. [Plaster work, in the room, around the outlets, must have been done by the frustrated Orangutan from the zoo.]

5. There was quite the ruckus at the “Coin’s” restaurant when we had dinner there on Saturday night and we ended up with a FREE dinner — as did the three ladies at the table next to us! Our bill was in excess of $60.

As I have mentioned before, Deanna and the kids are HUGE fans of Anthony Melchiorri and “Hotel Impossible” (and that was even before Anthony and I started Tweeting each other). I am not sure exactly how many episodes we have watched but it has to be upwards of 30. So the kids know Anthony’s drill by heart.

Deanna didn’t come with us on this trip because of her bad back. IF she had been there she would have checked the beds for bed bugs even before I had the chance to put the bags down. In the absence of Mum Teischan, 9 years old, decided that she was going to play Anthony.

Within seconds she discovered a white stain on the pillowcase on one of the pillows. While Anthony would go within inches of trying to make sure that you knew EXACTLY what caused the stain I will spare the details and leave it to your imagination. It was white. Teischan and Devanee were both immediately grossed out (in much the same way when Deanna found a used female thong at the Cromwell Harbor Motel, Bar Harbor, Maine (Acadia). Teischan was beside herself. I told her to call up reception. She was too shy/scared. But when we went down for dinner, she marched up to the reception (making sure that Dad was behind her) and told them about the stain. To their credit they sent up a brand new pillow, still in its plastic, and a fresh pillow cover, within minutes of us getting back to the room — after our free dinner.

Teischan stood up on the bed and ran her fingers over the top of the tall bed backrest and found DUST galore. Anthony would have approved of how she did it — sans white gloves. She was NOT impressed.

Now the absolute kicker.

On Sunday evening she found a Kindle Paperwhite, in a pink case, under the bedside table. It was just lying on the floor, not that far in.

That was NOT good.

How could Housekeeping miss a Kindle lying on the floor?

NO, we did NOT give it to reception.

I, using the Setting tabs, found the name of the person it was registered to. I Googled her.

I wanted to find out 2 things:

1/ When did she lose the Kindle?

2/ Did she call the Hotel and what did they say.

On Tuesday (after we got back on Monday night) I spoke with her, on the phone, at her work.

She lost the Kindle 3 weeks ago!

Yes, she had called the Hotel TWICE. They said they couldn’t find any signs of it. THAT IS BAD.

That was why I did not just hand it over to reception. I wanted to make sure the owner gets it. [Right now it is all wrapped up in two layers of bubble-wrap. I will mail it the next time one of us goes into town.]

This was BAD. Though we have a very strict procedure for checking hotel rooms for anything we may have left behind, that could have been us — especially with the kids. So the Wyndham would have just told us — SORRY, it is not in the room. That is bad.

That upsets me. As Anthony will sure point out the General Manager of this hotel needs to address some issues.

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