Philadelphia Zoo’s “Zooballoon” — The Best $12 You Can Spend In Philly: YouTube Video.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to access 2:26 minute YouTube photo-montage video with “Steeleye Span” “Gaudete” — by the incomparable Maddy Prior — audio track. [I have heard Maddy sing this, live, maybe a dozen times — given I was a Steeleye Span devotee.]

Click to ENLARGE.

Copyright might be enforced.

We saw the balloon, in the distance, while waiting at the “Museum of Art” to get on the ‘PHLASH‘ bus shuttle to get to the Philadelphia Zoo. Did NOT realize that it was a public, tethered helium balloon ride till we got to the zoo. Affordable at that — and surprisingly (especially given the price), NO LINE. You don’t even have to buy an entrance ticket to the zoo — since the balloon is outside off the entrance. Learned all of this, from a very helpful zoo employee, as soon as we got there. Rushed over. Best $12 you can spend in Philly.

It goes up 400′. The whole ride is about 15 minutes. Very smooth. Wonderful. Great views. Loved it. Kids were a tad nervous, since it was something new, but enjoyed it. Another experience.

Great zoo. We had fun. We, the two girls and I, were in Philly to pick up our Jaguar.

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