My November 2014 Suggestion That Cisco’s John Chambers Should Step Aside Comes To Pass.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to access my November 14, 2014 post “It Is Time For John Chambers To Graciously Hand Over The Reigns Of Cisco”.


Click to access article.

I knew John, talked with him a few times and have absolutely nothing against him. John is a good man. But as I said in November John has been doing this job for too long. 20 years is enough for anybody, even someone as good as John. This is a good move for all.

I have been wracking my brain all day but I cannot recall or place the new 49-year old CEO Chuck Robbins. He joined Cisco in 1997. I was doing a lot of work for Cisco at that time and visited them often. I consulted for them well into 2001. But Cisco was a big place.

I was happy to hear the news. John will still be around. I hope he doesn’t turn into a Jack Welch. I somehow doubt it. John has genuine class.

This stock chart, going back to Cisco’s IPO tells the whole story. Yes, I owned a lot of shares during the 1996 – 2002 period! Yes, I remember when it was above $80.


From Yahoo Finance. Click to ENLARGE and savor.


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