Ian Hamlin, A Gifted Artist From New Zealand.

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by Anura Guruge

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One of the wonderful things about blogging
is that you get to meet some real great people
from around the world.

As it now happens many of the people I regularly
keep in touch with and collaborate on my various projects
are people I have met, via blogging, over the Web.

Ian Hamlin falls into that category.
He happened to ‘like’ my post about fellow artist Stephen Hodecker.
I clicked on his name and I LIKED, very much, what I saw.
My type of work.
Way outside my budget and we no longer have any wall space left!

So check out Ian’s work.
What a talent.

Use this link to access Ian Hamlin’s Website.

Click images to ENLARGE.


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5 responses to “Ian Hamlin, A Gifted Artist From New Zealand.”

  1. Ian Hamlin says :

    Hey thanks Anura for your kindness! I really appreciate it..

    • aguruge says :

      The honor is ALL mine. Your talents are exceptional. If you are ever in the Boston area let me know. IF you want me to post something specific, new painting or show, just send me a picture or a link. All the best. I still can’t believe NZ the World Cup. Smile. Anura

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