“Aztec Two-Step”, ‘Great Waters’, April 17, 2015, Anderson Hall, Wolfeboro, N.H.

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by Anura Guruge

Click for tickets.

Click for tickets.

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Attribution may be insisted upon.

Rex Fowler from Pittsfield, Maine.

Neal Shulman from Manhattan, NY.

A short, rather jerky, YouTube video clip —
“Homeward Bound” by Simon & Garfunkel.

Click to access YouTube video.

Another glorious harmonious Friday evening in lovely Wolfeboro (N.H.) — the Oldest Summer Resort in the U.S.A — thanks to ‘Great Waters‘ and ‘Aztec Two-Step‘. Life, at least for me (and I am the first to admit that I lead a extremely modest and low-key life), doesn’t get much better than this. A convivial, congenial and competent concert. Live acoustic folk music. I am sucker for any and all of that. I can listen to Simon & Garfunkel all night and a bit longer and The Everly Brothers’ repertoire can be so liltingly soothing.

It was a good night (other than for the medical emergency that required a EMTs and an ambulance). I learnt how “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” came to be — and anytime I learn anything (which is most days, most hours) is a bonus. Very nice guys. There was no stage setup. At the end I did carry a few guitars out. That was about it.

I would go and listen to them again, with pleasure.

There was just under 200 people there and they really were into the music. That was good. Another successful night for ‘Great Waters‘.

Something about 12-strings. They kind of pluck at my psyche.
IF I ever take up playing the guitar again (which highly doubtful) I would go with a 12 string.
I did NOT know anything about this guitar, but then Michael Harrison (of ‘Great Waters‘) and Neal Shulman kindly educated me. An ‘Ovation‘ ‘Adamas‘. I looked it up. A $1,800 guitar.

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