Pope ‘Who Am I To Judge’ Francis Makes A Judgment Against Gay French Ambassador Designee To The Vatican.

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by Anura Guruge

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Another classic example of this pope saying one thing and doing the opposite.

This is NOT an accident or an one-off. This is, alas, and sadly, this pope’s MO.

He likes to appease with words since words are cheap BUT stick to his still rather conservative guns when it comes to action.

I have WARNED you all of this for nearly 2.5 years. He has no intentions to make any major changes to the Church’s rigid views on family values (i.e., gays, divorce etc), contraception, clerical celibacy or female priests. He just likes to grab headlines by saying appeasing statements that he knows will get media coverage. To some extent he has become a liability.

How does this action re. French ambassador designee gel with his ‘who am I to judge’.

Like all popes he has judged. He has pontificated and he has come out WANTING.

BEAWARE. BE Very AWARE. This situation will get worse.

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