Sri Lanka Sinhala New Year — Racing Elephants!

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to access YouTube video.

Before anybody gets on their high horse and even starts to think about ‘animal anything’ let me please assure YOU that tamed elephants in Sri Lanka are treated much the same way as pet dogs are treated in the U.S. or Britain. They are pampered and cherished. They are also a very expensive investment and commitments. So there is no hanky panky when it come to elephants. They do not get mistreated. If they are running that is NO DIFFERENT to having a dog run. These elephants will do, just like a dog, just about anything to make their ‘leader’ happy. So this would have been great fun.

There is an article about working elephants in Burma, in the 1920s, in the April 2015 issue of the “Reader’s Digest” that I have been meaning to talk about. Though it is written in praise of elephants the incident talked about bothers me — though it was done voluntarily by the elephants. They used their rumps to divert HUGE logs to teak timber floating down a fast flowing river. I don’t know about YOU, but an elephant using his rump to divert huge, 40 foot, logs bothers me. It has to have hurt.

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