Sinhala New Year (Avurudu) 2015 Cakes & Hampers By Kapruka (But Only In Sri Lanka).

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by Anura Guruge

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I am pretty sure that they will crack this in a couple of years BUT for now all these goodies can ONLY be delivered within Sri Lanka. So, NO — you can’t have it delivered in the U.S., and more the shame. Yes, for one the prices would have to change, but all U.S. Sri Lankans (and I am not one) are filthy rich and money is never an issue. So I am surprised that Kapruka hasn’t extended this to include items shipped from Sri Lanka — or made in the U.S. Having food sent over could be an issue. But, all of this could be made in the U.S. — albeit for a price. Maybe I should do this!

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