Australia v New Zealand, Host v Host Home Team ICC World Cup 2015 Final — What Were The Odds? Hhmmm.

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by Anura Guruge

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Well after what has been quite an amazing 6 weeks (I think) the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup between Australia vs. New Zealand is set to begin in less than 30 minutes. So I have to keep this brief. Yes, I am going to watch at least 90 minutes of it live. It could be my last World Cup Final.

Fancy that. The two host nations. What were the odds of that? Great for the coffers of the ICC and the sponsors (though I think India probably could have matched either side in terms of pulling fans to the match).

Just, within the last hour, finished watching the disappointing, anti-climatic Australia v. India Semi-Final, ball-by-ball. Was Dhoni sauntering in when he got run-out? No dive? He had given up. Basically said so at the interview after the match. Very strange. About a dozen high-profile brown cricketers from Sri Lanka and India just gave up at the end. Wow. What were the chances.

Well the Ozzies and the All Blacks will go at each other, hammer and tongs. Should be a good game. There should be some great fast bowling, from both sides, and explosive batting. The 6s tally for the tournament will click past 500. A record in itself.

So, I am off to watch the game. Enjoy.

Who do I fancy. The boys in yellow, Australia. They are playing at home.


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