Weak, Irresolute Pope Francis Chokes YET AGAIN, At The 11th Hours, And Lets Keith “I Lied” O’Brien Keep Meaningless Cardinal Title.

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by Anura Guruge


Santi Gioacchino e Anna

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This pope, Francis the Irresolute, who publicly said he was a “real scaredy cat“, has done it AGAIN. Snatched defeat and ignominy from the jaws of victory at the 11th hour. It was just like everything else, gays, divorcees, married clergy — at the last minute he gets cold feet and caves in.

Three days ago I APPLAUDED him, called him ‘THE MAN’, for having the fortitude to finally, after 88 years, i.e., since 1927, accept the resignation of a cardinal — the utterly disgraced,  Keith Michael Patrick O’Brien of Scotland.

Now we are finding out that the pope, inexplicably, caved in at the last minute and let the lying, groping O’Brien retain the title ‘cardinal’ — though he is NOT a cardinal.

This is a travesty even for the Catholic Church.

O’Brien has been stripped of every vestige of rights afforded to a cardinal. He cannot participate in a conclave or attend a consistory. So he is NOT a cardinal. But he is called a cardinal. WTF? This is rich even for Francis.

When it comes to personal strength and courage he is NO Pope St. John XXIII or Pope St. John Paul II. He is weak, scaredy cat pope. All talk, no trousers. Yes, I am disappointed, yes, I am mad. I really expected better from him.

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