Ex-Cardinal Keith “I Lied” O’Brien’s Roman Titular Church, Ss. Gioacchino ed Anna al Tuscolano, Now Benighted Forever.

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by Anura Guruge


Santi Gioacchino e Anna

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Ss. Gioacchino ed Anna al Tuscolano (Saints Joachim and Anne in the Tuscolano district of Rome) [also known as ‘Ai Monti’ (on the hills) is a Roman church (built on the site of an earlier monastery) that was consecrated in 1781. In June 1988 it was established as a Roman Titular Church by Pope John Paul II. It was given as the title to Austrian Hans Hermann Groër, then the Metropolitan Archbishop of Vienna, by John Paul II, when he was created a Cardinal Priest on June 28, 1988.

In 1995 he was accused by a number of young men, who had been his students, of sexual molestation. Soon after he had to resign as the Archbishop and essentially went into exile — though he remained a cardinal. He died, still under intense suspicion and subject to derision, in March 2003.

Seven months later the title was given to Scottish Keith Michael Patrick O’Brien, then the Metropolitan Archbishop of Saint Andrews and Edinburgh, when he was created a Cardinal Priest by John Paul II on October 21, 2003. In February 2013, just ahead of the surprise retirement of Benedict XVI, it was announced that O’Brien was resigning as Archbishop because of sexual misconduct with young men. He went onto admit that he had lied about his crimes. On March 20, 2015, in a surprising move, the first since 1927, his resignation as a cardinal was accepted by the pope, i.e., Francis.

So BOTH cardinals who have held this title have been implicated in serious sexual misconduct and had to resign from being Archbishops. That is quite a legacy for a new titular church. A 100% record. Doubt whether it will get assigned to any new cardinals anytime soon.

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