Pope Francis Continues To Say The Darnest Things: Now About Assassinations, God & Dying

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by Anura Guruge


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I could NOT believe what I was reading.

This from what I can see violates what all good Christians refrain from saying. The pope, of all people, is saying that IF God wants him to be assassinated! That is an insane statement to make.

For a start he has crossed that sacrosanct border re. God not micro-managing and all that stuff about ‘Free Will’.

Here the pope is saying that God has the power and will to intercede — but his interceding will be just to make the death painless. This is amazing stuff.

Why would God want to see his envoy on Earth, Vicar of Christ, assassinated? Didn’t we already go through this over 2,000 years ago. Wasn’t that supposed to be the ONE symbolic act?

I haven’t counted of late but I know that about 15 (or more) popes have been assassinated or disposed of in someway or another. And of course their was the infamous attempt on poor John Paul II’s life. I have said it once, I will say it again. What would have been spectacular was IF God stopped that bullet in mid air. Turned it into a dove or a white roes — for all to see. That would have been one heck of demonstration. But, of no. The Pope gets shot and nearly dies. What was that all about?

And now Francis is saying that God sure could intercede. Does not make sense.

Why can’t God let his popes die in peace with dignity? Why did John Paul II have to suffer. Why did he make an invalid out of Benedict XVI? The ‘Free Will’ and micro-management arguments no longer apply. Pope Francis has said OTHERWISE. Read his words, carefully. See what it says. 

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