BBC, Thankfully, Suspends The Ever Doltish Jeremy ‘the disgrace’ Clarkson From ‘Top Gear’ — At Least One Show Delayed.

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by Anura Guruge

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As always there is MORE details in the U.K. “Daily Mail” coverage. Click to access.

BBC’s “Top Gear”, without doubt, for 5 to 6 years was our favorite show to watch during ‘Family TV hour’. I recorded every show. The kids loved it. Even Deanna found it entertaining. Its delight in the wanton destruction of property, making fun of ‘historical events’ (e.g., diminishing the significance of Dr. Livingstone’s explorations) and its inexplicable adoration for all things German never sat well with me, though I was quite happy to watch most of it. I even learnt quite a bit — and I like (non-German) cars.

Of late Clarkson, and with it, alas, the whole show has become unbearably obnoxious. Clarkson is just totally out of control. I pointed out that even with the Falkland stunt he was taking the mickey out of us British by having the 982 FKL on a bloody German (bloody) Porsche. I found that insulting. Over the last year or so I refuse to watch the show if it features more than one German car and I Fast Forward through the segments with the German cars. The kids have come to understand my foible on this issue and kind of even think it is funny. They start counting to see how many German cars will be on — and as such whether we can watch the show or not.

I am delighted that Clarkson has been suspended. I think the whole show should be scrapped. It has run its course. Clarkson is a disgrace and pretty soon he will not be able to get in and out of cars. He is not a good role model for kids.  

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