I Walked From Wolfeboro (N.H.) To Barndoor Island And Back — On The Frozen Lake.

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by Anura Guruge

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Teischan has ballet with “Northeastern Ballet“, in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, most Saturday mornings. I take her. While she ballets I, without fail, go for a walk. Over the last 3 years perambulating through delightful Wolfeboro, year around, during the day or at night, on a weekly basis, has become one of my many rituals. It started when I was taking Devanee on Thursday nights for “Clearlakes Chorale” practice. A search on “Wolfeboro” will yield tons of posts with tons of pictures of these walks — many on the absolutely exquisite “Cotton Valley Trail“.

Well this Saturday, March 7, 2015, Teischan had a ‘make-up’ class. So she had two hours of ballet. I had been walking on Wolfeboro Bay for the last 5 weeks or so, but the 1 hour time limit only allowed me to go so far. But the 2 hour window gave me a chance to venture further. So I set off for Barndoor. I am familiar with it from my boating days. But walking on the ice/snow is different. You get to see more.

I, as is my wont when walking on frozen lakes, stayed on compacted snowmobile tracks. I don’t wear snowshoes. Just boots. So the compacted snow helps. Plus I can also spot soft ‘mushy’ spots. Only encountered one today. I had taken a spare pair of socks. Didn’t need it. The lake is criss-crossed with snowmobile tracks. It is like walking a railway line.

It took me 75 minutes in total. I didn’t dally much. I wasn’t sure how long it would take me — and Teischan does not like it if I am not there the second she finishes. I worked out the distance, using Google Maps when I got home. About 3.4 miles, maybe a tad longer. Given that I was crunching through snow I guess that wasn’t too bad. I was perspiring when I got back. I usually avoid the Wolfeboro Town Dock area because of the ‘bubblers’. Having fallen into the Lake 5 times during the Winter, over the years, I kind of like to stay dry. But today I noticed snowmobiles going up/down just to one side. Well I weight about 1/10th a snowmobile. So I just followed those tracks. It was fine.

It was LOVELY. So beautiful. So gratifying. I feel so lucky that I can do these things. Can’t understand why more people don’t walk our lovely lakes. It is free and (by and large) safe. Well I enjoyed it. Hoping to get a few more walks done before the ice melts.

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