Chinese New Year 2015 (Year of the Goat): Boston Chinatown Celebrations, March 1 — 7 Pictures

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by Anura Guruge

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As was always the plan we went to Boston Chinatown on Sunday, March 1, 2015 (the 2nd Sunday of the ‘2 week’ holiday period) to celebrate the 2015 ‘Year of the Goat‘ Chinese New Year. And are we glad we went — though in reality we invariably go to Chinatown for the New Year unless, as was in 2013, we are foiled by a MAJOR blizzard.

It was a blast. Best that I can remember. Never seen so many Dragon Parades. It was packed. Sometimes 3 parades on one street. It was a riot. Lot of fun. Great atmosphere. Wasn’t too cold. Lots of people. I think they were glad to be out having some fun — surrounded by HUGE piles of dirty snow and scarily long icicles hanging from some buildings. Amazing. Check out these 3 videos I shot.

We got there just before 11. Managed to park, on a street (for FREE), by Tufts. Parking was hard because of all the snow. Had Dim Sum, as ever, at the “China Pearl“. That is a given. That is a tradition. This year at least 3 dragon parades came into the China Pearl and danced among the diners. One flirted with Devanee. [Later on, on the street, Deanna got nuzzled by one. They must like blondes.] The 4th picture is of one dragon going past Teischan.

I took 150 pictures. I will make them into a photo montage soon. Till then check these out.

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