$2,700 “O-Shot” Voucher Inside $160,000 2015 Oscar Nominees Swag Bag A Bit Insulting?

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE and read. Use link below to access original at the “Age Management Center”.

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4 things bother me about this, nominally $2,700, voucher for what is a ‘vagina rejuvenation procedure’ — basically an injection of one’s own ‘fortified’ plasma into the clitoral region.

1. At best, and most agree on that, it, even if it works, is TEMPORARY. It, by definition, isn’t a long-term solution as the plasma gets absorbed into the body.

2. Whether it really works is, at best, contentious. A ‘hoodectomy’, ‘clitoral unhooding’, which costs about the same (though much more painful since it is surgery), would be a much better OPTION if one REALLY is plagued with real problems down there. [A ‘hoodectomy’ in NO way involves mutilation! Got that?]

3. It bothers me that ‘we’ would even IMPLY that these lovely ladies (or in the case of actors their lovely partners (assuming they have female partners)) would require such treatment.

4. Yes, after considerable use a ‘re-treading’ could come in handy, but Kegels would be better than this — and I am sure that many of the ladies that would be getting this Swag Bag are probably big into Kegels already and conscientiously did their Kegels before getting dressed for the event (though I hope some did so in the limo).

Yes, this is germane because my latest books deals with issues like this. So I have been doing a LOT of painstaking research (as only I can) on such issues.

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