Recent Claims That Electronic Filing Increases Chance Of An IRS Audit Is Beyond Naive!

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by Anura Guruge

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From Feb. 7, 2015 post on the (normally excellent) ‘MarketWatch’ entitled “Should you snail mail your tax returns? Click to ENLARGE and read. Use link below to access original.

Click here to access original at ‘MarketWatch’.


An actual video and textual explanation from the IRS itself, at a .gov Website, as to how ALL paper returns are converted to electronic form before processing. Click to access. Actually quite fun.

The premise here is SO FLAWED as to be hilarious.

No, the IRS does NOT process paper returns in paper form! Wow. How naive can you be! IRS has not processed paper returns, in paper form, in probably 20 years.

Scanners and OCR was developed for the likes of the IRS, though the IRS also employs legions of data entry clerks to enter some of the data. I could be wrong, and I could be getting the agencies mixed up, but I kind of remember hearing that they used to fly over plane loads of paper returns to Puerto Rico for data entry some time back.

graphics-laughing-320375Bottom line is that all paper returns become electronic BEFORE they get processed — initially by computer. You really didn’t think that they started off by processing returns by hand.

So, yes, while they will be able to make a distinction between eFiled returns and those converted to electronic form by the IRS, the processing that is done on them is the same.

So if you think that eFiling will increase your chances of getting audited you probably should write off more in medical expenses because you probably should be getting more professional help.

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