2 responses to “Laura Ingalls “Little House On The Prairie” Wilder’s 148th Birthday: Well Rendered, Engaging Google Doodle.”

  1. janelleyjames says :

    Ohhhhhhh, you don’t know how much I loved that show. I am sure I have seen every episode, some two and three times. That show brought up some deep emotions for me. I cried nearly every episode. It was my favorite show for years. I read the books too. I recently looked up to see how much the entire series cost, and wooooow, It’s in between $80 and $90 dollars, which would be worth every penny, but can’t afford it this month and probably not next month either. This year, I WILL own the entire series, along with Matlock. I recently bought the entire series of Renegade, which was $35 dollars. Worth it. I loved that show. Thanks for your post. I love Laura Ingalls Wilder. What a life she had. I would have loved to have parents like Charles and Caroline.

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