7 Sugars & 7 Creams In A McDonald’s Large Coffee.

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by Anura Guruge

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sugaranalysisTeischan & I were at the McDonald’s in Laconia (New Hampshire) on Tuesday evening around 5:15pm. We had gone to Laconia to pick up a new frame for her glasses. By 5 Teischan is always hungry and gets even more so if we are within 3 miles of a McD. Plus I like the McDonald’s in Laconia. It makes me really appreciate how pitiful our local one in Alton is.

I had gone to get my ice coffee and was coming back to the main counter when I heard a male voice saying “I want 7 sugars and 7 creams in that coffee”. It took me back a bit. 7 sugars? I was sure that he was getting multiple cups and that the 7 was across all of them. I was wrong. He was getting one large McCafe with 7 sugars and 7 creams. I was flabbergasted. I won’t mention what color he was other than that he was not caucasian. He was about my height but I was 1/3rd his volume. He was a big man. Very full of himself. Flashily dressed. He could very well have been in the pharmaceutical industry.

I picked up our order and waited until he left. I then asked the counter person whether he actually had 7 sugars and 7 creams in his coffee. The mentality of some McD employees is worthy of study. This guy thought that I was shocked that McD had NOT said no to that much ‘extras’. His response was: “We don’t charge more for extra sugar or cream. We give as much as you want”.  Oh dear.

As for the sweet toothed, roly-poly I couldn’t figure out whether it was ignorance, nonchalance or just bravado. The belief that ordering a coffee with that much sugar made him look cool. He obviously did not care about the dangers of diabetes — especially given that some folks are known to be more prone to diabetes than others.

I came home and told Deanna. I was shocked and saddened. I know what diabetes can do for you. If nothing else, in the case of a man, you need to start worrying about your manhood. I did some calculations today. That cup of coffee had around 320 calories. That is more than a McD burger which has about 219. But the problem is that 35% of those calories were from straight sugar. That is not good. Actually very bad.

A shame. A shame. But to be fair this guy probably isn’t thinking that far ahead. Live for the day.

Just in case you didn’t know McDonald’s do have Splenda and you can have as much as you want.

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