Alton Central School (ACS) [N.H.]: Should Today, Day 2 Of “Blizzard I of 2015”, Have Been A Snow Day?

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE and read. The part about the ‘any changes’ caught many a parent off-guard. To many sending kids to school, at a particular time, is a ‘go, no-go’ decision. They have to make arrangements — even with a 2 hour delay. Quite a few of the ACS parents work, away from home.

Knowing mentality of the ACS Superintendent I kind of knew last night at 11:30 (as I wrote my first ‘Blizzard I of 2015’) that ACS will probably try for a 2-hour delay, as opposed to a snow day, despite all the snow we received late at night. Well I was proved right, though, ironically, Alton’s Prospect Mountain High School (PHMS) is closed for the day because the administrators in Barnstead (renowned for their acumen) decided that they didn’t want their kids & STAFF trying to battle the snow.

The 2-hour delay decision, as Deanna informed me ~9 am, after she had checked the local social media, had not been met with universal approval among parents. I am not surprised.

I think, on days like this, MORE of the staff, especially the teachers, as opposed to the kids that take the buses. All of the ACS teachers do not live in Alton. Some live in remote rural locations. So the main roads in Alton may have been plowed by 6am, but that probably was not true for other places. I do not think it is fair to expect teachers to have to weather snow conditions like this.

I do NOT really see what the big deal is of having an extra catch-up day in June. One accident on today’s roads would be too much. I am personally too busy to check but I will try to find out how many teachers could NOT make it to ACS today. And that will tell its own tale. Our kids went. But the kids across the road didn’t! There was only 1 kid on the bus when it arrived to pick our two up. There should have been more.

Lets see what happened. I do not think this was right. But, this is par for ACS.

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