Lytro Illum A Whole New Paradigm In Digital Camera: Take The Picture, Do The Focusing Later With Software.

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by Anura Guruge

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The Lytro Illum ‘fixed (no) focus’ camera. Click image to access official product page.


Click to ENLARGE. Before and after with the Lytro Illum. The raw picture it takes is not focused. It has all the light information but no focal point. You focus the raw image, whichever way you want it, using software — so you can have different focal points with the SAME picture.

Over the last couple of months not only have I been subscribing to some photography magazines, I have been studying them in earnest — as is invariably my wont when I get interested in a topic. Deep dive immersion. The last few magazines, over the last two weeks have all had thumbnail previews of the Lytro camera.

I understood it as soon as I read the very short, preliminary brief.

Though I loathe having to mess around with digital images after I have shot the picture, I fully appreciate that this is the real future of digital photography.

This does away with the need to stop and think when you are taking a picture. You don’t have to worry about focusing and the ‘depth of field’ (and with that ISO, aperture & shutter settings). You basically point the ONE, fixed lens at the image you want captured and let the HUGE senor capture all the light information.

Then using software you apply the focusing parameters. The picture comes alive at that point. Plus, of course, you can apply as many different setting as you want. So starting with one raw image you can end up with multiple very different images, each with its unique depth of field.

Appeals to me. IF I had a spare $1,600 I would get one. Probably give it to Devanee and tell her just to capture images in the general direction I am shooting with my camera — whatever that might be. Perfect for her. So settings to deal with. Just point and shoot. Then we can, at a later time, work on the focused images.


Not sure I would want it as my main camera. I might. Right now, with Samsung in the dog house, I am thinking about a Pentax K-3. But that Samsung NX1 still beckons. But that is a different story. Really not going to get a camera right now. No time. Must get this current book done. Then I can think cameras — and it is likely that Pentax will have a new camera by then. That might have my name on it.

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