Anthony Melchiorri Really Must Do A “The Grand Budapest Hotel” — IMPOSSIBLE!

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by Anura Guruge

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Hit me like a thunderclap this morning whilst I was lying in bed, drinking my coffee, listening to the depressing Swiss Franc shenanigans on CNBC and reading the ‘Market Watch’ headlines on my pad. Saw the headline that “The Grand Budapest Hotel” had been nominated for 9 Oscars — but none involving the acting cast. I had just looked at my blog stats, as I am wont to do first thing in the morning, to make sure that there is nothing that I have to take care of ASAP. Anthony Melchiorri’s name always features in my stats, since November, because of my few ‘Woodstock Lodge‘ posts continue to draw traffic. I had written about the “Grand” just two days earlier and the night prior we had been raving about it at dinner with Shane Selling before we got around to flying the drone in the house.

That was it. Anthony Melchiorri REALLY should do an IMPOSSIBLE ‘episode’ at “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. From what I can see there are two broad options:

1. “The Grand Budapest Hotel” producers do a sequel, using the same sets in Germany, with Anthony. That would be a hoot.

2. “Hotel Impossible” can get the rights and then using the magic of digital technology, essentially the same as that used with “Roger Rabbit” decades ago, can have Anthony and Blanche Garcia doing the Grand.

budantposterPerfect. The storyline lends itself perfectly. The movie starts off by talking of the Grand being in decline. So what better than to call in Anthony Melchiorri to do his magic. Lets face it — and Anthony will spot this in seconds. They don’t have an online reservation system or even a Website! You can just see Anthony making sure that that gets fixed. Plus those cracked tiles around the baths. Oh, Anthony will be in his element. The scene I want to see his Anthony and Blanche Garcia squeezed in Zero’s room with Anthony waving his arms wanting a makeover.

If Richard Rawling’s can tale “Fast N’ Loud” and make it into ‘Demolition Theater‘, Anthony should make some “Hotel Virtually Impossible” episodes — starting with the Grand.

bobanthavt1aThen Bob is his uncle. And it could even be Bob Newhart. How about Anthony and Blanche doing Bob Newhart’sStratford Inn” in Middlebury, Vermont? You can see that … right? [I have, long time ago, stayed at the “Waybury Inn” — which is the real Inn in Middlebury. I am sure it needs an update by now.]

So … this is the future for Hotel Impossible, having Anthony virtually fix up fictional hotels. P.S., Given that this post will be timestamped I will want a cut of the action.

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