“The B Hive”, A Cost Competitive Alternative To “Moss Motors” For MGB Parts?

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to access their Website.


“The B Hive” clutch page. I need that original master cylinder. I currently have the plastic version. Click to access the page.

A fellow member at the “MG Experience” told me about “The B Hive” Wednesday morning, via e-mail, when we read one of my posts bemoaning the cost of the parts I still needed to get for our 1968 Green MGB.gordonstrickland

I had never heard of them. But they were easy enough to find. In Clemson, South Carolina. Owned by a Gordon Strickland. They come HIGHLY recommended.

So far I have bought all my MGB parts from Moss. I have had no problems — though British car master mechanic Steve Barlow is not happy with the ‘plastic’ master cylinder I got with my ‘$80‘ ‘clutch hydraulic kit‘ from Moss and wants me to get a original replacement. From what I can see Moss wants $159.95 for their original. The B Hive price, if I am reading it right is $131. I don’t know what the shipping is. $18 less appeals to me. I am not a rich man. 

I have a bunch of stuff I need to order by Spring. I will definitely give them a try — after making sure that shipping charges don’t negate any savings.

I called up Steve and told him about the Hive. He was intrigued. Said he might have heard of them.

It was good to learn. Thank YOU, Rick. You are very kind.

Well, I will keep you posted.

Right now, the MGB, after its sub-arctic jaunt has a flat tire and is up on a jack. Kind of sad.

P.S., I signed up for The B Hives e-mail offers and updates. Nothing to lose.

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