Pictures & Video Of Pope Francis Traveling From Airport To Colombo. Cancels Visit With Sri Lankan Bishops.

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by Anura Guruge

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These two pictures and video from my friend Kenny, a good Sri Lankan Catholic, who works in Ottawa (Canada) but goes back to Sri Lanka each year for Christmas, and this year stayed on for the pope’s visit. Thanks Kenny.

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Click to access fleeting 5 second YouTube video … shot by Kenny on his iPhone.

The Vatican Information Service (VIS) statement about the pope cancelling meeting with the 20 Sri Lankan bishops.

IF the pope stood all the way during this trip, I can fully understand that he, not a young man, would have been exhausted. I know that route well. The last time I travelled it I was in the back of a hearse with a coffin. We had an official police escort with motorcycle outriders and all the traffic lights were switched ahead to avoid us having to stop. We were going to Nugegoda rather than central Colombo per se. Though we sped I think it took about an hour. The pope’s trip, though shorter, must have taken longer with all the crowds.


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