The Pope Is In The Air Heading To Sri Lanka. Left Rome 4 Hours Ago. Will Land In Colombo In About 5 Hours.

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by Anura Guruge

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Just to give you a reference re. time.

As I post this at 5:44 pm (17:44) U.S. Eastern Time it is 10:44 pm (22:44) GMT. 5 hour difference.

Sri Lanka time, and given that the island is only 110 miles wide at its widest, there is only one time zone is GMT+5:30.

That 30 minutes is crucial. An inspired touch by the British that I am ALWAYS grateful for. Thank YOU. Those 30 minutes ensure that sunrise, most days is pretty close to 6 am. Anybody who has been to Hawaii will appreciate what I am getting at.

So as I write this it is 4:18 am (04:18) in the morning of Tuesday, January 13, 2015.

Pope will land in Colombo, actually about 3o miles north of Colombo, in about 4:30 hours.

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