FREE Performance Of “Swan Lake” By The ‘State Ballet Theatre of Russia’ At The ‘Capitol Center for the Arts’, Concord, N.H.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to access the ‘Capitol Center for the Arts’, Concord, N.H. Webpage for this performance.

Yes, it is FREE. Tickets are now available.

It is another of the wonderful and very generous ‘Giles Series of Performances‘. Last February it was the “Red Hot Chilli Pipers” which nearly blew the roof away. Then in April 2014 they had “Ballroom with a Twist“.

Russian ballet is legendary. The State Ballet Theatre of Russia is way up there and the Prima Ballerina is from the Bolshoi. Trust me it doesn’t get any better than this — even at the ‘Nutcracker‘ by the Boston Ballet. I have seen ballets by the Bolshoi a number of times — once in Moscow itself. Plus as I chronicled here, it a Russian ballet troupe, performing in Ceylon, c. 1961, where the Prima Ballerina kept of having a major wardrobe malfunction right in front on me, no more than 10′ away, that engendered my lifelong fascination with ballet — though I have never seen a major malfunction in the intervening half century.

Teischan is into ballet. Has been doing it, with ‘Northeastern Ballet‘ for 2 years. So this will be special for her. Two major ballet shows in 2 months. I am glad.

We are taking the same friend that we take to see the ‘Nutcracker’ in Wolfeboro each year. She an ex-teacher is now incapacitated by diabetes. It was taking her to the new ‘Anderson Hall‘ in Wolfeboro this December that made us, and the relevant authorities, realize how handicap unfriendly this new Hall is. She as an ex-teacher, who has taken many a school party to the CCA in Concord, is very familiar with its layout. She told us what seats to get for her. We did.

This should be good. Thank YOU Gile family. Very kind. Much appreciated.

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