New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan’s 2015 Inauguration: YOU Should Attend The Open House.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click here to access the official Website for the inauguration. 

The New Hampshire State House, in Concord, the nation’s oldest State House in which the legislature still occupies its original chambers, is always a delightful place to visit.

Governor Maggie Hassan, now in her second term, is a World Class Act, and a joy and honor to meet.

This Open House, on Thursday, January 8, 2015, will give YOU a chance to combine both in what you should be a very celebratory mood. I, as Granite State Ambassador (GSA) that volunteers at the House (or ‘General Court’ as it is correctly known), urge you to attend irrespective of your political stripes.

Alas we will not be there. But, Devanee & I had the honor of meeting with the Governor and her husband just before Christmas, at the State House, and the whole family got to meet her, at length, at the House again, last July. Plus, I am at the House more often than people realize BUT nowhere close to as often as I should be there! That said I am going to be there on Monday for some very special training. That should be fun and interesting. Plus we have to be in Concord that Thursday morning for a meeting with a State department. IF we have time, and I can find a place to park, we will drop in at the House to press the flesh and savor the spirit. I know quite a few people there and many know me by sight.

So, please try to go. It should be very rewarding.

I am so happy to see Governor Maggie Hassan reinaugurated. She is such an asset to the State.

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