Anura Guruge, New Year’s Eve 2015 — Doing What He Does Best, Clowning Around.

The toupee that Deanna wouldn’t let me get. She said it didn’t look real. Hence the boring one I normally wear.

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by Anura Guruge

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At the Hynes Convention Center, Boston, For “First Night 2015“,
around 11 pm, on December 31, 2014.

Devanee, my budding photographer,
took this with my Canon Rebel T3i.
She liked it.
She rates herself as a portrait photographer.
That is good.

A few minutes later. They had all these high-tech, interactive dance rooms — each offering different experiences.
Not sure what you were supposed to do.
I thought it was to get a Smiley face in front of your face.

But they pop if you touch them.
So everybody, including, I just set about popping them.

That is me, front left with my right-hand out.
I am also on the screen and towards the end,

and I did it, being the kid I am at heart, a number of times,
some of the balloons had my face on them.

Yes, I have another 248 pictures from “First NightBoston 2015.
I will post them.

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