TDS Telecom Claiming That They Will Be Providing 1 Gigabit Internet In Alton, N.H. In October 2015.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE. What 1 Gigabit Internet would look like to me compared to the dedicated 15Mbps I have today. But, we have two Fiber lines, each 15Mbps. But I don’t ‘bond’ them. 15 Mbps dedicated just to this PC.


Click to ENLARGE. 75Mbps is already available BUT it only becomes OFFICIAL on Jan. 1, 2015. Price has gone up. $71.99/month or thereabouts without the $5/month for the modem.

TDS, as I knew they would, restored my bandwidth to what it is supposed to be: at least 15Mpbs download & AT LEAST 3Mbps upload. I am happy. I notice degradation in my bandwidth. That is when I run As I also knew would be the case our very talented local TDS Internet technician could fix the problem from his office rather than having to come here. So he did that to begin with this morning around 9:30. An hour later, given that he was on his way to Barnstead past our house he stopped by to see if I was happy. I was. Happier still to see him. Ex-marine. Very nice guy. Young enough to be my grandson. He has taken care of me, very well, for four years. So we know each other.

He knew, even before I asked, that I wanted to know when I could have more bandwidth. I am an unashamed bandwidth junkie. I don’t totally subscribe to the adage “You can’t be too thin or too rich”. I know for a fact, first hand, that you can be too thin. I once, on one of my rigorous diets, got down to 132 pounds. I went from 209 lbs to 132. You could clearly see each of my ribs. My stomach went way in. My waist was about 28″. That was too thin. People thought I was very ill. Everybody told me to put back some weight. I went up to 160 – 165. Which is funnily enough where I am now though me getting down to 132 was 30 years ago. I really can’t talk about the “too rich part”. I have never even been ‘moderately rich’. But I, through work, have associated with some very rich folks. Yes, maybe there is a point when you can have too much money. I would never know. But, I am sure of one thing. You can never have enough bandwidth. More bandwidth, provided you have devices that can keep up, means you can get things done quicker. I am all for that. I want more bandwidth.

He is adamant that we in Alton, N.H. will have 1Gbps Internet in October 2015. That maybe I might even be able to trial it by August. I know that TDS has 1 Gig in some parts of NH already, New London for one I think. I am told that the Chichester data facility is being upgraded right now.

October 2015. Can I wait?


I can CONFIRM that MetroCast does support the new higher throughput ARRIS / Motorola SurfBoard SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem.

I have been talking with MetroCast and doing a ton of research the last week — ever since my bandwidth dropped. I got Internet from MetroCast for 12 years. Then I switched to TDS. MetroCast can now give me 75Mbps/5Mbps. With the two TDS lines we have 30Mbps. Rather than having a dedicated 15 Mbps to my PC I will share the 75Mbps across the house. I would still get more than 15Mbps.

It is a dilemma. TDS in the past has never lived up to their availability dates. They promised me 25Mbps 2 years ago. October is a long time. I could be dead.

The SurfBoard SB6141 is already in my Amazon shopping cart. Given that I have Prime I can have it here in 2 days.

I am going to sleep on it.

I was going to order MetroCast on January 4, 2015. I want 75Mbps to be OFFICIAL before I order it so that they can’t at some point turn around and tell me that I signed up for the 50Mbps rather than 75Mbps. I know MetroCast well. They were even a customer of mine!

I will, of course, keep you posted.

15Mpbs … 30Mbps …. 75Mbps …. 1,000MBps (1 Gig).

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