‘Niche’, The Academic Polling Folks, Publish Their Ranked List Of New Hampshire’s Best Public Schools; Prospect Comes In At #37.

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by Anura Guruge

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Explanation of their methodology and the top 4 high schools.


Click to access the Niche ranked listing.

Prospect Mountain High School (PMHS) entry at #37.


Click to access the list.

I am not sure whether this list really means anything though the overall rankings with Hanover, Bedford, Durham, Amherst, Hooksett, Exeter etc. at the top makes sense.

I first thought that just 17 parent/student respondents from PHMS was strange. Appears to be not the case. Hanover, which is at #1, only had 12, though Bedford at #2 had 42. Gilford which came in at #17 only had 8 respondents. So, I guess, 17 was an ‘OK’ number.

That Kingswood, per this ranking, comes in just above Prospect is interesting and I wonder what the good folks in Wolfeboro will think of that. It would be interesting to see a ranking of private schools just for the contrast.

Danielle, in 2007, graduated from Mascenic and she raves about it, especially because Matthew ended up going to a private school in Massachusetts. Mascenic is at 56.

WMUR featured this list, on their Website, on Christmas day. That was how I stumbled upon it.

Enjoy for what it is worth — if anything.

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