Should Teachers Wear Facial Piercings To Class IF Students Are Banned From Wearing Them To Class?

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by Anura Guruge

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My 14 year old daughter, Devanee, was asking us this question this evening. NOPE, she does not have any facial or body piercing. She had to wait till she was 12 and even then she and her mother got it done without telling me.

But she has at least one friend in school who has facial piercings (and I won’t even ask what the parents were thinking). They are NOT permitted to wear any studs in school though they have a female teacher who wears an eyebrow stud while teaching. Devanee thinks that that is not fair. I pointed out that the teacher is an adult and adults are allowed to do things that kids aren’t — THOUGH I 100% see her point.

I am dead against piercings, tattoos, mutilations and even male circumcision. I believe that the body is fine the way it is and there is no need for any modifications UNLESS there is a crucial medical need or because of an accident. I come from a culture where girls have their ears pierced at birth BUT where circumcision, male or female, is anathema. But, I have never been able to condone ear piercing. I point blank refused to have the ears pierced of any of my three daughters when they were young — even though the first one got a ‘ton’ of gold earrings, as is the custom, when she wa born. I was like: “heck, NO. I am not going to have her ears pierced. It is barbaric. Not inflicting pain on her so she can wear earrings. She is fine the way it is”. BUT, I had to fight battles with mothers who liked their earrings and had pierced ears. So I was forced to concede that they can get it done when they were old enough to decide IF they want the pain. Then came the debate as to how old that had to be. To me that was simple. 18 or 21. Heck IF you can’t drink till you are 21 why should be considered old enough to decide that you are going to intentionally mutilate your body. Well, they wore me down over the years. I was forced to agree to 12. So that is what it is — and that is ONLY for the ears. Anything else they have to wait till they are adults — and my eldest, who is now 25, went and got a bunch of stuff done the day she was 18!

So, I am against all of this. I do not like tattoos. Deanna has a tattoo of the sun on her ankle. She had that when I met her. That was a problem. I am sun worshipper. So I can’t really object to a depiction of the sun since she is also one. But, that is the limit. She knows it, the kids know it. And don’t even get me started on circumcision. I recently, in my latest research, stumbled upon ‘Project Orchid‘. It has immediately become my new favorite charity. The next book will be dedicated to them.

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One response to “Should Teachers Wear Facial Piercings To Class IF Students Are Banned From Wearing Them To Class?”

  1. freegrl1 says :

    I do not feel teachers should be allowed to wear piercings of any kind other than earrings if a student is not allowed. The teacher after all is setting an example for our students.
    We’ve been to restaurants where the waiter/waitress would have a bandage of some kind on their wrist of neck or somewhere that could be seen by the public, being who we are, we asked what happened to your wrist? Their reply is ‘nothing, we’re not allowed to show tattoo’s during work’. We’ve had others who’ve had to remove their body piercings which were in their eyebrow and nose. Now if this is not allowed in a public place where adults are present and children. Why is allowed at ACS? This should be placed in the dress code of teachers. Tank top, 3-fingers wide, shorts, to the tips of your fingers, cover the cleavage. How about making some rules for teachers who have visible piercings to remove them during class time? Don’t even get me going on visible tattoo’s…

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