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Clearlakes Chorale’s December 2014 “Italian Christmas” Concert: Friday Dec. 12 Rehearsal.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.>


by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE.

Barry Lockard’s magnificent harpsichord.

That I own the copyright to HER cannot be denied.

Looks like I need a better lens or let others take the pictures. Strange optics. One spot, left center seems to be in good focus.

Yes, of course, I was there for the Friday rehearsal.

Actually I was there even prior to that because
per my wont I helped with the ‘stage’ setup.

I never miss the Friday rehearsal.
For the first time I am not at the
Saturday afternoon rehearsal
which is happening as I write.
Too busy.

I was at the Thursday night rehearsal as well.

Friday was the first time the
soloist and the orchestra were present.

Wow. What a difference.

One heck of a concert
as I have been promising you.

Very stirring.
Very Christmassy.

You will go away uplifted and rejuvenated.

One of the soloist will blow your socks away.
So put on two pairs.

Make sure to make at least ONE of the performances.

Enjoy. See you there.

Next Sequential Date, After Today’s, December 13, 2014, For Those That Still Only Use 2 Digits For Year, Will Be 01/02/03.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge


Click to access original ‘MarketWatch’ post.

I consider myself a ‘Y2K’ survivor. Given that I was heavily involved in IT at the time it was something I had to deal with, address and write about. I might have even made some money on it though I was not a ‘Y2K’ consultant. But, I was always in the camp, and never deviated once, that we would come through Y2K without much incidence — and, of course, I was right. Yes, I sat around, at midnight, waiting to hear reports of system failures. If I recall right the BIGGEST faux pas was that there was a small glitch in the Norwegian railway system.

But I learnt one thing from Y2K. NEVER, never to use 2-digits again for specifying the year. I became a 4 digit man. Now it is automatic. Plus I am into history and write about history — even WW I which started in 1914. So to me ’14’ could mean, easily, 1914 or 2014 — and if I am in my papal history mode 714.

So 12/13/14 is but a novelty to me. Plus, between you and I, I still have PROBLEMS, after 30 years, putting the month ahead of the day! In the British system, which, of course, like the Queen’s English came first, 12/13/14 is 13/12/14. dd/mm/yyyy rather than mm/dd/yyyy. I will grant though that mathematically the U.S. system is more logical since ‘mm’ first is more significant than ‘dd’ first.

Anyway, I will NOT be around for 01/02/03 BUT if humankind is still around by then I really hope that they do NOT think, let alone write, 2103 as ’03’. That would be a travesty. 

But, enjoy your 12/13/14.

Devanee who was born October 10, 2000 turned 10 on 10/10/10. She made it to the paper, with a picture of her birthday cake. 

CNN’s Initial Claim That London Heathrow Air Traffic Failure Was Caused By A Power Failure Was Sad & Hilarious.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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I heard CNN’s initial claim, on TV, that the air traffic failure at London’s Heathrow Airport (the World’s LARGEST International passenger airport) due to a power failure while getting dressed for the day after this morning’s bout of snow shoveling. I had the TV on, as is my wont, but I wasn’t watching it. Just listening to the commentary. The power failure comment made me stop on my tracks and do a double take. I checked the screen, and saw it repeated on the inevitable CNN red banner at the bottom. I found it hard to believe. Heathrow used to my second home for many, many years of my life. I spent so much time at the airport or in the many hotels around it. Heathrow is not Entebbe or even Midway in Chicago. This is no rinky ding, fly by the seat of your pants airport. It is the third largest airport in the World. The place is huge. I knew that they would have had multiple power sources.

Within minutes CNN had their usual bevvy of ‘experts’ who pointed out that airports like Heathrow have QUADRUPLE-redundancy when it comes to power for the air traffic control system; i.e., not two, not three but FOUR separate systems to act as failsafe.

So yet again CNN was caught flat footed. I am sure that many who work for CNN have travelled through Heathrow. Unless you are IQ deficient how could you NOT realize that an airport like Heathrow was not going to suffer a simple power failure.

The ignorance of today’s cable news channels amaze and confound me. Yesterday it was CNBC claiming that the 2015 enrollment period for Obamacare was over — when in reality it is open until December 15, 2014. Today this. Wonder what I will hear tomorrow.

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