Be Aware Of FAKE Adobe Flash & Reader UPDATES — Will Install A Bunch Of Malware On Your PC.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Example of a PDF that you might struggle with in Google IF you don’t apply this fix.


Anura Guruge

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Deanna fell for it yesterday. A PC wasn’t acting right and Avast found a bunch of viruses. I was able to track down how and when she got infected. She clicked on and gave permission for what she thought was a normal request from Adobe to update Flash (and another for Reader). Using a Chrome History we could find the install page. Looked like the one above. It looks pretty good. Yes, if you looked closely you would have seen that the URL was not from Adobe nor the copyright notices.

Google “Fake Adobe Flash Updates“. You will find a TON. Scary and BAD stuff. Glad we found it so quickly.

So a HEADS UP. Next time you get ANY updates check, double check, triple check … then Google to see if there and scams with that update … then check again BEFORE you say ‘yes’ to the update. I don’t even do Microsoft Windows updates anymore until I allow 3 weeks to lapse so that others can find any hidden problems.

All the best. It is scary out there. So many folks just trying to get you. Yes, when it comes to the Internet paranoia is not a bad thing.

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