“Roger’s Redliner Diner”, Route 1, Portsmouth, N.H. — Revisited & It Was A Blast.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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 Roger Elkus and his wife — the proud & happy owners.

Check Ramona, the irrepressible waitress, who we also had on our first visit and remembered us, ‘photo-bombing’ this picture.
She took three excellent pictures of us — see one above.

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It was a load of FUN. Glad we went back again. We all had a good time and the relatives we took from Maryland, and he works at a restaurant in upscale Georgetown, were impressed.

It looked delightfully inviting from the outside on a cold, but not that chilly night, with lots of snow around. We had gone to a 4:45 pm show, “Penguins of Madagascar 3D”, at the CineMagic which is basically ‘next door’. The movie finished around 6 pm. Though it was the day after Thanksgiving and we had all eaten more than we should the kids, predictably, were hungry. Roger’s felt like the perfect option. We didn’t want a big meal. Just a large snack.

Both Roger, with a big (trademark) smile, and Ramona, with a huge grin, recognized us from our prior visit in March — a few days after they had opened. Ramona had served us then and we thought she was the cat’s whiskers. Glad she remembered us. We lucked out. Just as we got there a corner booth big enough to accommodate all 7 of us became free. it was a good location. Plus we didn’t distract too many of the other diners. It was pretty busy — as it should be.

Very clean. The right level of lightning. Not noisy at all. Very good ambience for a diner. Roger and his wife are always around, invariably smiling. That is good. The place seems to be ticking along well. Roger came and chatted with us. They are doing well. He told me about his bakery business which he has had for nearly (or over) 30 years. I have to write about that too.

I, a sucker for chili, had their MexTex chilli. It lived up to its name. It was good. That is all I needed, a bowl of hot (as in temperature) chilli. The kids between them had burgers, fish & chips and chicken fingers. Didn’t hear any complaints. Then as you can see three large chocolate cake slabs were delivered to the table. They went fast. Those that ate kept on going on about how good it was. I didn’t have any. In 6 weeks it will be two years since I last ate ANY kind of chocolate. I sometimes worry that my browness will start to fade unless I keep it burnished brown with chocolate from the inside. But that night, at Roger’s, I refrained, though it wasn’t easy.

Glad we went. Everybody was happy. Roger, his wife, Ramona and all the staff seem happy too. That kind of rubs off. It certainly permeates cheeriness.

Yes, we will go back again — most likely when we go to see “Annie” or “Paddington“.

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