As Cute & Adorable As They Come, Nico, A Great Dane – St. Bernard Cross (at 12 weeks).

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.
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Anura Guruge

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He does live in Alton, New Hampshire, but alas and alack it is NOT ours. Honest. Of course I have tried to abduct him and bring him home but trust me it is not easy trying to pick him up and hide him inside your jacket. Plus the owners know that I shamelessly covet him. He is just beautiful. Adorable. Cute as a button and then a bit more. Fluffy, very fluffy fur. Gangly. Kind of unwinds itself when he stands up. Would love to take him running. I think he will enjoy it. Might take him a few days to get into the stride but I can see him happily lolloping after me, in huge strides, tongue wagging.

I like BIG dogs. But I have been spoilt by goldens. I have had goldens, without an interruption, since 1988. Braxton was an aberration because we already had one Golden, Maya. I will have to keep an eye out for a Great Dane/St. Bernard cross. Deanna is adamant that we are not having 3 dogs, but she says that about cars too …

I am sure more pictures of Nico will follow IF the owners let me come close.

Enjoy. Nico. 12 weeks old. Great Dane/St. Bernard cross.

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