I Was At The New Hampshire State House, In My Capacity As An ‘Granite State Ambassador’, To Lend A Hand With New Member Visits.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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The New Hampshire State House is one of the gigs I am supposed to do, i.e., volunteer at to help out, in my capacity  ‘Granite State Ambassadors‘ (GSAs). I haven’t done anything close to the shifts they would like me to do BUT I do try to help out when they do have urgent needs. Yesterday and today was one of those. It was orientation for the newly elected representatives and senators. When the e-mail went out asking for additional volunteers I signed up.

So this morning I got up at 6:40 am (as opposed to 8:20 am) and made sure I was legally parked and outside the State House by 8:50 am (for my 9 am shift). It is always fun. It wasn’t as hectic as we had expected. That was good. It was fun. I got to meet a number of reps. — veterans and newly elected. All very nice. Very congenial. I got to hook up with Raymond Howard — as we had planned. That was cool. Ray, in a tie and jacket, looked real sharp.

I always enjoy my GSA stints. Yes, I really should do more. Just a question of time and priorities. The 40 minute drive to Concord is a ‘negative’. I am sure I would do more shifts if I was closer. Just the time. It just ‘kills me’. So much other things I want to do rather than driving. That in the end is the real impediment.

Anyway, this was fun. I really must go down and do another shift before Christmas. Maybe around Christmas. That might be fun.


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