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Mark Zuckerberg With His Gray T-Shirt Regime Is Following In The Footsteps Of Dr. An Wang Of Wang Laboratories.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.… .. . . . ..



by Anura Guruge

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When I read the above Mark Zuckerberg story, about his gray T-shirts, what came to mind was dear, gentle Dr. An Wang rather than Steve Jobs, with his black T-shirts.


Dr. An Wang with some of his early computers. The bow tie was a trademark. He looked good in it. Many of the other Chinese that worked for Wang copied the doctor and wore bow ties. You can see a pipe in his right hand. He spent quite a lot of time in a foxhole during WW II — in China. He started smoking a pipe at that time to combat the smell and keep insects at bay.

I worked for Wang, as a Senior Product Manager, in the famous Lowell Towers, from 1986 to 1989. This period, though I did my utter best to try and avert it, was the start of the beginning of the end for Wang. Dr. Wang though Chairman was not really running the operations. It was being run by his son Fred and a cabal of wizened Chinese henchman. I liked both Dr. Wang and Fred. I didn’t have that much dealing with Dr. Wang though he called me, to ask about a customer situation, 3 days after I joined Wang! Somebody had given him my name and told him to call me. I told him that I had no clue, I had just started. He was cool. I had occasional conversations with him after that. There wasn’t really that much we had to talk about business. He would come to some of the meetings I had to attend. He never said anything. Very quiet, very unassuming gentleman. He would always stand, to aside, and listen. He didn’t miss anything, but he said nothing. Fred was a hoot. We had multiple cafeterias in the 3 Towers. One of them was a McDonald’s. Fred owned the franchise. So when we ate their he made money. But that was OK. But here is the kicker. Often, around noon, you would find him standing in line, to get a burger, alongside the ‘unwashed’. Number of times I shot the breeze with him while waiting in line. I being who I am, obviously inquired whether he would give me a discount or even better a free burger. He laughed. Nice guy.

Well given his fame there were all sorts of legends about the good Doctor. One was from a newspaper interview he had given. He had stated that he only kept two suits at any one time, both basic black, and IDENTICAL. He would wear these every day — regularly alternating the jackets. But since they were identical it did not matter nor could anybody tell. He didn’t want the suits he wore to be a distraction! Zuckerberg is but a redux of that.

At the time I maintained about ten $400 suits. What can I say. I was one of the noted better dressers at Wang (or anywhere else that I worked or visited). It was just my thing.

Click to ENLARGE. Taken at Wang in one of the posh conference rooms in the Penthouse floor. It was used, as a full page image, in a glossy Wang brochure. In one of my silk suits. She was another product manager. I didn’t actually worked with her much. They, i.e., folks in the marketing department, picked the two of us for this posed shot which took about 3 hours. For years people would ask me what I was doing with my other hand. What can I say?

Volunteers Start Removing The 888,246 Hand-Made”Tower Of London” Red Poppies.

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by Anura Guruge

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One of these Red Poppies is coming to ME!

I Have Heard Through My Grapevine That Andrew Hosmer, N.H. District 7 Senate Seat, PREVAILED In The Recount, i.e., He Is THE Winner.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.
Anura Guruge

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I can’t find anything official, not even on his Website or Twitter feed, but a ‘little bird’ told me that he, viz. Andrew Hosmer, WON.

No great surprise here as I have maintained from the start. We are talking machine counted ballots. A lead of 132 is pretty substantial in such recounts.

So this is now history. The margin matters not a jot.

Andrew Hosmer, as is but just, won — that it was but just a non sequitur.  

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