Anthony Melchiorri Of “Hotel Impossible” Informs Me That He Took Measures To Have ‘Woodstock Lodge’ Closed.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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I received the above e-mail, from Anthony Melchiorri, on Tuesday night.

He has done the RIGHT THING. This was what I expected and wanted him to have done. Now I know and now YOU know.

How we got to this point is that the show did not at ANY POINT inform us that Anthony contacted the authorities. Deanna makes a point of carefully reading the closing credits where Anthony talks about how things progressed after the show and there was NO mention that Anthony had contacted the authorities.

Well, Anthony Melchiorri has put me right and I am going to update my original post to reflect this. I have no axe to grind in this. I just wanted, as ever, for the right thing to be done.

I e-mailed Anthony back that while I will update my post, he, at a minimum, should put something up on their Website so others will know that he did what we expected him to have done.

As would be said in the Tintin comics “All’s well that ends well” — though I have to believe that the Lodge owner is livid.

Mr. Melchiorri’s stock is no longer in negative territory when it comes to me. I am actually impressed. Well done.

After Anthony’s e-mail, and after I finished bit more on my book, I did some Googling on “Woodstock Lodge”.

Yelp has quite a few posts that talk about the “Hotel Impossible” episode. Thanks to a link on one of the Yelp posts I found this newspaper article that confirmed, 100%, what Anthony Melchiorri stated:


From the Kingston, NY “Daily Freeman”. Click to access.

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