Travel Channel’s “Hotel Impossible” ‘Woodstock Lodge’ Episode Was Disturbing.

0081227985080Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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Refer to November 12, 2014 UPDATE.

I was informed by Anthony Melchiorri, by e-mail,
that he did indeed contact the authorities
and that 3 buildings at the Lodge were closed down.

Please refer to UPDATE.

I am amending this post in view of this new information.

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Click to access Travel Channel’s Web page for this “Hotel Impossible” episode.

This was aired in October but we just got around to watching it (from a DVR list) this evening during ‘family TV’. I am not a great fan of this show, it is NOT a patch on the seminal “Hotel Inspector” show that used to be on BBC America, but Deanna likes it — and it reminds us of some awful hotels we have encountered in our travels.

Woodstock Lodge” in iconic Woodstock, New York, was by far the worst hotel/motel we have ever seen in life or on TV. It was disgusting and scary. We would have walked out even IF we had paid a deposit.

It was unhygienic, unhealthy and dangerous. As you can see from the image above it had toilets that were not properly seated. There was mold all over.

Anthony made a point of stating, categorically, more than once, that the cabins were not safe and should not be sold for occupancy.

BUT he never made an attempt to have the place shut down. In the post-show briefing that is shown at the end of each episode it claimed that the Lodge was still open.

That is NOT right. IF the Lodge is as dangerous has Anthony claimed, and it sure looked that, then HE should have called the proper New York safety and health authorities!

Simple as that. I don’t care what agreement he had with the owners. IF a customer gets hurt at the Lodge, especially a kid, then Anthony should be help responsible.

PLUS didn’t anybody in Woodstock or NY see this episode? Why is this Lodge still open. It, as Anthony claims on air, violates numerous building codes.

This is NOT right.

We could be wrong BUT it also appeared, on air, that the owners were not reporting all of their income. Of course we all know that is not surprising in the hospitality business. But, unless we misheard it, there is a sequence where the owner gives Anthony a profit/loss statement that says that they made $19,000 from the restaurant in 2013 — but then admits that it was more like $100,000! That is a bit of a discrepancy. Why hasn’t anybody checked on that?

This not right. In this episode the owner accuses Anthony, multiple times, that “this is all TV”! Well that would appear to be the case.

Shame on Anthony for not going to the authorities with this. Well his stock was never high in my book and now it is in negative territory.

Yes, we recorded and watched two episodes of the spin-off series “Resort Rescue” — albeit with another host, one with slightly more charisma that Anthony — but did not like it at all. Boring. 

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