Pope Francis Trying To Justify His Power To Fire Catholic Bishops Is The STRANGEST Thing He Has Done So Far — In What Has Been a Very Strange Papacy.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click to access original at “National Catholic Reporter”.

This was contained in the 7 paragraph ‘addendum’ released by the Vatican on Wednesday on the new rules governing the resignation of Catholic bishops.

To a papal historian such as I, the pope thinking that he needs to JUSTIFY his power, to do ANYTHING when it comes to the Church, is both ludicrous and scary.

The Pope has ABSOLUTE, autocratic power on Earth. Period. There is no authority, within the Church hierarchy, that can judge the pope. There is no ‘Supreme Court’ that can hear a case about a decision made by the pope.

The Pope only answers to God. As long as he stays within the property that counts as the “Vatican City State” no other power can touch him.

Other heads of state will gladly part with important body parts to have 70% of the power that a pope has.

This is CRAZY.

This pope has said a lot of incongruous things, BUT that he felt the need to do this really defies belief.

This pope is scary. This was scary. 

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