In Addition To David Cameron I Also Contact Boris Johnson, Mayor, And Stephen Harper, Canada P.M. Re. Chinese 11/11 Singles Day.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013...


Anura Guruge

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Well somebody has to do something about it and nobody appears to care!

You get all this lip service about our veterans BUT when the Chinese pillory Veterans Day everybody conveniently goes deaf and blind. Well I am not going to give up.

After contacting MY Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday morning I happened to do a post of London’s wonderful mayor, Boris Johnson, selling Red Poppies at Liverpool Street railway station. Bell went off. BINGO. Boris. Boris. Though I do not, alas, know him personally I have followed Boris from way back. I like Boris. My kind of guy. So I sent him an e-mail. While writing it I had some useful ideas that I shared with Boris — who as a Mayor actually has more clout in certain areas than a Head of State. I won’t say too much other than ‘Health Inspectors’ and ‘Chinese Restaurants‘. OK, so China wants to parody our 11/11 by celebrating it as Singles Day, maybe we, around the world create a tradition on 11/10 — check all Chinese Restaurants for cat meat. Tit for bloody tat.

I also contacted Canadian P.M. Stephen Harper because Canada, quite rightly, takes 11/11 Remembrance Day very seriously — and this year, as I have already noted, things will be even more poignant.

** Stephen Harper cancels trip to China to be in Ottawa for 2014 Remembrance Day **



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