Despicable, Bloody Chinese DISHONOR Veterans Day/Remembrance Day By Calling Sacred November 11 Frigging ‘Singles Day’!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013...


Anura Guruge

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I just, this morning, heard about this grotesque insult to the West insult by the frigging Chinese. I am dumbstruck. As an Asian I am well aware that the Chinese, historically, have had no respect for other nations, cultures and races. 

I heard this on CNBC this morning and, as often happens, gagged on my coffee — since I was lying in bed, sipping coffee, listening to CNBC and checking other news on my Android PAD. That the two shameless, ultra-arrogant CNBC commentators DID NOT even mention that November 11 is VETERANS DAY is typical — CNBC, like the Chinese, has no regard to anybody other than themselves.

Well if you read about it, e.g., above, you will see that it was supposed to have been a joke. Well shows, quite clearly, how frigging IGNORANT the damn Chinese students are. They make it to university and they don’t bloody know that 11/11 is SACRED! Idiots. Bloody idiots. 

Well not much anyone can do about this slap in the face. China rules the World.

You can’t boycott China. No point asking damn, gutless, corrupt Obama to do anything. He is so much in the pockets of the Chinese that they play pocket billiards with him.

So I have written to the ONLY World Leader, that matters, with credibility and standing, MY Prime Minister, the esteemed, Honorable David Cameron, M.P.

Click to ENLARGE.

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