That Sri Lankan Muttiah Muralitharan Stooped So Low As To Coach The Australian Cricket Team Is But A Very Sick Joke.

1410270891339Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

by Anura Guruge

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I have been watching as much cricket as I can, and it has been a very good year for that. So, of course, I set out to watch the ongoing Pakistan vs. Australia series, from UAE, that started on October 3.

When I saw Muttiah, in a green Australian shirt, seated in the Aussie camp I thought that he had come over from the Pakistan side — given that Pakistan also has green, albeit darker, shirts. When I realized that that was NOT the case and that Muttiah was indeed on the Australian payroll I was upset, saddened and sickened. BUT at least it proved, conclusively my contention, that by and large (with but few exceptions), money is the predominant force that drives and motivates Sri Lankan men.

For Muttiah to be associated with the Australian team is but a very sick, pathetic joke that does NOT reflect well on the man. No. NO. Don’t give me that this shows his magnanimity etc. garbage. He is doing it for the money and that stinks.

The Australian for so long made his life a living hell. He might be able to put that behind him, but we can’t. We too lived with that. They accused him, multiple times, of being a cheater. They called him “No Ball“. Plus you can’t go and rewrite history when you have a paper trail as long as does Muttiah.

Muttiah, near tears, once said he would NOT tour Australia again — and he did indeed miss some tours. He can’t claim otherwise. Those are facts.

NOW he is coaching the Australian team alongside some that called him a cheat. (Yes, I know he played ‘IPL’ in Oz too — again for the money).

This is SAD. This is very SAD. I actually feel bad for the man. It must be a terrible thing to have to do things like that.

Plus, he MUST know that they, behind his back, will be calling him a monkey. That is their way.

What a shame. I wish all the rich folks in Sri Lanka had bandied together and given the guy the filthy lucre he sought so he didn’t have to degrade himself thus.


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