Acadia National Park (ANP), Maine: Schoodic Education and Research Center.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013...

Anura Guruge

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Click to access the ‘National Park’ Webpage for the “Schoodic Education and Research Center”.


Click to access the “Schoodic Institute” Website. This aerial pictures shows the location of the beautiful John D. Rockefeller building relative to Schoodic Point (“X”), the road to the Point and “Little Moose Island”. See Google Map below and refer to post on “Little Moose”.


Click to ENLARGE. Refer to above image. You don’t see the LOVELY, imposing building from the road. So easy to drive by. We did, a couple of times before we decided, late in the evening, to go exploring before leaving the Park for the night. Glad we did.

This spectacular John D. Rockefeller donated building, once part of a large U.S. Navy base, just off the rather well known “Schoodic Point” on the Schoodic Peninsula part of Acadia National Park is delightful, unexpected gem tucked away, out of sight from the road. It is part of the National Park and as such open to the public and DEFINITELY worthwhile visiting, IF just to enjoy the exquisite building from the outside, as we did — since we didn’t get there till past 5pm, having missed it on our earlier tours of that section of the Park. So glad we went.

Here is the pithy, 2 sentence Wikipedia description of this facility: “In 2002, the National Park Service acquired the former naval base located in the Schoodic Peninsula District of Acadia National Park, and renovated it into the Schoodic Education and Research Center (SERC). SERC is one of about 20 National Park Service research learning centers in the United States, and is the largest of all these facilities. It is dedicated to supporting the scientific research in the park, providing professional development for teachers, and educating students to become a new generation of stewards who will help conserve our natural and cultural treasures.”

That, however, misses out, inexcusably, as does as I notice the ‘National Park’ and even the ‘Institutes’ descriptions, the fascinating deal brokered by John D. Rockefeller (who loved this area and was so instrumental in creating the Park and its famed ‘Carriage Roads‘) to free up some land on the Mount Desert part of the park. My last picture up top provides a bit more detail.

But check it WHEN you make it to this part of Acadia.

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